Heating - 23 May 2014
For extended swimming time alot of people wish to use a Gas Heater or a Heat Pump to heat their pool.  It is recommended that you use a pool cover as well the heater for maximum energy cost savings.  Solar heating is great, but the sun doesn't always shine.  Pool Zone WA can help with supply and installation of pool heating, either gas or heat pump.  Call us, we can help you make an informed decision on what is best for you. Read More
Water Boatmen - 04 February 2014
Like all aquatic bugs, water boatmen lack gills; they breathe air when at the surface of the water. They frequently carry an air bubble on their body surface or under their wings, and draw oxygen from this bubble while they are underwater. Water boatmen can swim rapidly, but they are easy enough to catch with a pool scoop. They are attracted to light and can be caught easly if you turn on your pool light at night and wait for them to congregate around it. Most water boatmen eat algae and minute aquatic organisms. Some are predaceous and feed on mosquito larvae and other... Read More
Plan for a New Pool - 14 June 2013
Pool designs are unlimited nowadays.  A good starting place, when planning, is to consider how your pool will be used and by whom.  Is it for family fun, maybe exercise or just to lounge beside?  Are the users mainly adults or children?  This can make a difference when you are deciding depth, wadding and resting areas.   How many people will be using the pool at any one time?  This can help you decide on the size of pool.  Of course there are other determining factors like cost and available area. However, with careful planning your... Read More
Swimming pool equipment is a broad term used to describe any one of a number of devices (usually mechanical in nature) designed for a specific application in the swimming pool. Common jobs for swimming pool equipment include: circulation, filtration, heating, and cleaning of pool water and surfaces. Pool equipment is designed to facilitate necessary functions or to make pool maintenance easier and less time consuming. For this reason, some pieces of pool equipment are absolutely necessary (pool filters, pool pumps) while others add ease of operation and/or comfort to the... Read More
Pool Covers - 17 April 2013
Swimming pool heating costs can be significantly reduced by using a pool cover. Use of a pool cover also can help reduce the amount of chemicals (chlorine, etc.) required by the pool. Outdoor pools gain heat from the sun, absorbing 75%–85% of the solar energy striking the pool surface. Though a cover decreases the total amount of solar heat absorbed by the pool, the cover eliminates heat loss due to evaporation and reduces heat loss at night through its insulating properties. Most swimming pool heat loss is through evaporation. The heating effectiveness of a cover depends on... Read More