Pool Service and Maintenance

$44.00 Test & balance - we come to you*
This includes:

* Chemicals supplied and added will be extra.

$66.00 Based on no more than 30 mins per visit *

This includes:

* Chemicals supplied and added will be extra.

$88.00 Includes a vacuum - Based on no more than 1 hour per visit *
This includes:

* Chemicals supplied and added will be extra.

$132.00 Includes tidy up around pool ares - Based on no more than 90 minute per visit.
This includes:

* Chemicals supplied and added will be extra.

Green Pool & Black Spot Treatments

Green Pool Treatment * Price TBA
You might not have to drain your pool, if you think your green pool is bad we have seen worst!

From the black swamp to a slimy billabong, we will bring your pool back to sparkling with the minimum of fuss.

If your pool has been seriously neglected or has storm damage or flooding, we have the equipment and expertise to drain your pool. We will then acid wash, refill and rebalance the chemicals of your pool for a quoted price.

We will thoroughly check and clean all equipment and report on any damage and give quotes to repair or replace any damaged equipment.

DIY - We can also supply you with the correct chemicals and instructions so that you can carry out the treatment yourself

Black Spot Treatment *Price TBA
Older fiberglass pool often develop a problem called black spot, this problem is a result of minerals passing through the fiberglass from the ground the pool is seating in, the result is little black spots or stars. The spots are ugly and the best way to reduce an out brake is to keep the pH of the pool water down around 6.8 - 7.0. But if your pool has Black Spot Pool Zone can carry out a Black Spot Treatment.

DIY - We can also supply you with the correct chemicals and instructions so that you can carry out the treatment yourself

Pool & Spa Equipment

Pool and Spa equipment replacement

Equipment Purchase & Repairs
We can service, repair, or supply and replace your equipment, with 13years in the industry we have identified some of the best pool and spa equipment available, we can advise you on what suits your pool and still suits your budget.

Equipment Installation & Relocation
Pool Zone will install your new or used equipment. We can also relocate your pool equipment installed 

Pool Handovers & Commissioning

Commisioning and Handover Service $132.00
If you enjoy DIY but are not 100% sure on whether you are doing things right, we can provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to maintain your pool so that you can keep it clean and healthy.

We can show you how to check and adjust water chemistry, clean your pool, problem solving and give you an understanding on how your pool equipment works.

Sand Change $360.00 Based on 6 x silica sand
We can change the sand in your pool filter if required. It is recommended that the sand be changed every 5 – 7 years

Summer Start Up $88.00 Based on 1 hour per visit

Winterizing Pool $88.00 Based on 1 hour per visit

Advice & Inspections

Pre purchase Pool Inspections $132.00 includes report
If you’re looking at buying a house that has a pool, then it is worth considering having us come and carry out a pre purchase inspection.

Pool Zone will inspect the pool then supply our report with detail on the condition of the pool structure, pool surrounds, and pool equipment including pool cleaning equipment. We will also supply quotes for any work or equipment required.

Pre Pool Purchase Advice Free
If you are thinking of buying a swimming pool and have spoken with a couple of salesmen but still don’t feel ready to make a final decision, then talk to us first.  There is a bit to consider, Concrete or fiberglass, new or used, chlorine or salt and they aren’t cheap. Pool Zone can help answer your questions and offer you some recommendations so that you can find the right pool and pool builder.


Pool Lights
We can repair, or supply and replace your pool light.

Safety Deck Lid
Local councils have very specific rules about your pool surrounds including the outlawing of potty type skimmer boxes. Pool Zone can supply and install the correct safety skimmer lids to your pool.

Pool Heating

Gas Heating
Gas Pool heaters use either natural gas or propane gas as heating fuel, and are most efficient heating pools or spa requiring rapid heat up over shorter periods. Therefore they are ideal for heating pools and spa that aren’t used on a regular basis. Unlike Heat Pumps gas heaters are able to obtain higher heats and maintain higher temperature regardless weather.

Pool Zone can correctly size, supply and install your gas heater.

Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps operate rather like a refrigerator in reverse using the air surrounding them in order to gather heat for transfer. The main advantage of a heat pump is that they are extremely energy efficient approximately 2 kW of electricity will produce 8 -10 kW of heat energy.

Pool Blankets
Need a pool safety cover or solar blanket? Pool Zone can supply and install a range of Daisy Pool Covers and Blankets.

We can also advise you on which is best for you, whether it is to increase the pool temperature & reduce evaporation, stop leaves entering the pool or whether it is for peace of mind and security

Give us a call for or send us an email with the correct measurements so we can arrange a quote for

Pool Solar
Swimming pools are expensive, so it makes sense to get as much use from them as possible. You can extend your swimming period by adding a solar pool heating system. Solar is a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat your.

Pool Zone will measure and quote on a complete solar system for your pool

- We can also supply you with a complete kit including  pump and controller if reqired.

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