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Why we test?

The pool’s appearance is no real indicator of water quality, because a relatively clean looking pool could be unsanitary due to a low or non-existent sanitizer level.
The Health Department of Western Australia recommends that residential pool owners test their pool water daily preferably in the morning.
When the weather is hot and sunny or the pool is being used by a lot of people for long periods, it is necessary to test water more frequently (at least once more during the day).
Testing is also important because a pool is a relatively unstable environment. Climatic and chemical additions constantly alter the water.
Frequent and accurate testing of the pool water is the only way the pool owner can ensure that their pool is attractive, safe, and sanitary.


A clean, properly treated pool should not pass on infection.
When the water is not properly treated or the pool surrounds are dirty, organisms may flourish and cause infection, illness, or even fatal amoebic meningitis.
Warts (plantar) and athlete’s foot (tinea) can be picked up from infected pool surrounds. And if you spend a lot of time in or around swimming pools then, you run the risk of inner ear infections if the water is not treated correctly.

Did You Know

While swimming lengths a swimmer can perspire up to 2 cups of perspiration in half an hour?
If the pH of your pool is 8.0pH then the chlorine in your pool is only 20 – 30 percent efficient, this is because chlorine is pH driven and requires the correct pH range to sanitize effectively.

Chemical Storage

Treatment chemicals are concentrated, potent substances.  Handle and store them with care, away from petroleum products such as grease, oil, petrol or liquid detergents.  They should not be stored with paints, acids, alcohol, soap powders or small quantities of water.
For more information on this matter please consult your owner’s manual or contact us.

All chemicals should be added as per supplier’s instructions.
If you would like Pool Zone WA to carry out a regular maintenance the standard fee is $88.00 this includes gst and covers approximately 60 minutes on site. Chemicals required if supplied by us will be extra.

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